Additional prenatal and/or postpartum visits can be added onto an existing support package, or customized to fit your individual needs. Each additional visit is $100/hour for in-person support or $75/hour for virtual support.


During a prenatal visit, you will have the opportunity to express your desires and preferences for your baby's birth, process through any fears or concerns you may have and how to address them during labor and birth, discuss your options for labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period, learn about informed consent and self-advocacy, and discuss how Rachel, your partner, or others on your birth team can best support you and help you navigate labor and birth.


During a postpartum visit, Rachel can provide guidance on breastfeeding and general newborn care, suggest best practices for healing, assist in meal preparation, light housekeeping, or running errands, help you process through how your labor and birth unfolded, or simply give you time and space to yourself.​ Rachel can also make recommendations to other supports and providers if the need arises.