The loss of a child is never something a woman or family should have to endure alone. As a bereavement doula, Rachel provides unlimited support at no cost to women and families experiencing loss during pregnancy or infancy.

A general overview of varying types of support are below. A customized support plan will be made for each individual woman, depending on the circumstances and type of support needed.

This support is possible because of donations from the community. If you are interested in making a donation or sponsoring a woman or family in need of a bereavement doula, please contact Rachel directly.


Rachel will be available to provide both virtual or in-person support at any stage, whether it is upon receiving the news of a pregnancy loss, during the birth of your baby, in the immediate postpartum period, while saying good-bye to your baby, and/or in the time after your loss. There is no timeline for grief, and you will never be denied bereavement support due to the amount of time that has passed since your loss.


Rachel can assist you in preparing to meet your baby, provide guidance and insight into what the time spent with your baby may look like, help you create a plan for your birth and the immediate postpartum period, aid in any appropriate memory-making or remembrance activities, provide hands-on physical support, emotional support and reassurance, evidence-based information, and guidance or recommendations for your partner, other living children, or extended family members, if applicable.

Rachel can provide resources and make recommendations for additional supports such as grief counseling, funeral or memorial arrangements, lactation support, and continued care.