A birth doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother before, during, and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the most satisfying birth experience possible. A birth doula's care can not only improve a mother and baby's physical and psychological outcomes, but has a positive impact on the well being of the entire family.

As your birth doula, Rachel helps you prepare for your ideal birth. By offering a variety of support packages, you are able to customize and tailor the support you receive to fit your individual needs. Any and all of these supports can be used in any labor and childbirth setting, including home or hospital births, labors free from pain medication, labors involving an epidural, cesarean births, or anything in between.

"With Rachel's support I was able to make decisions about the type of birth I wanted. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and was a constant beam of energy during an exhausting time. She helped me with emotions, physical pain, and diminishing energy. She helped my husband support me. I remember feeling some pressure from doctors and nurses on things I didn't want but Rachel was able to create space so my husband and I could make informed decisions."

- Trisha

"Finding Rachel while pregnant was an amazing gift from God. Rachel's support, knowledge and resources gave me strength to give birth. She is truly meant to be a doula and I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to get pregnant or is pregnant. Her caring heart is exactly what you need to feel your own true strength given by God."

- Kady

"From the preparations during pregnancy to her postpartum visits, Rachel helped us so much every step of the way! During the birthing process she created a great atmosphere with her calming and friendly nature. Throughout the entire experience she provided helpful, knowledgeable, and professional guidance in addition to amazing personal support. I can’t imagine doing it all without her, and would recommend her to any expectant mother!"


- Emily


All support packages include unlimited communication via e-mail, text or phone during designated daytime hours, as well as lifetime access to an ever-growing directory of local resources and Rachel's lending library of books ranging in topics from fertility, prenatal nutrition, pregnancy, pregnancy and infant loss, postpartum healing, lactation, and more.

Gift certificates are available upon request, can be made for any dollar amount, used for any and all support options, and mailed to you or the gift certificate recipient.




There are certain circumstances for which Rachel offers reduced cost or free services. Please consider sponsoring a woman and/or family in need of the following services.


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